Best Summer Camps for Kids in San Antonio, Texas – Your 2024 Guide

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Ah, summer in San Antonio – the sun’s shining, the birds are chirping, and the kids… well, they’re itching for adventure! If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate summer camp experience for your little Texans, you’ve hit the jackpot. From artsy escapes to scientific explorations, we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of summer camps in and around San Antonio, Texas. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill camps; we’re talking about experiences that will have your kids raving all the way to next summer. Ready to make some summer magic? Buckle up, because here comes the fun!

San Antonio Zoo Camp

Location: San Antonio Zoo, Texas

Calling all animal lovers! The San Antonio Zoo Camp offers an unforgettable wild adventure for kids of all ages. With hands-on activities, educational talks, and up-close animal encounters, your little ones will learn about wildlife conservation while having the time of their lives. Each week features a different theme, ensuring that every zoo camp experience is a new adventure.

STEMtastic Summer Camp

Location: Various locations in San Antonio, Texas

Unleash your child’s inner scientist at STEMtastic Summer Camp! Designed for children aged 6 to 12, this camp focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through fun and engaging activities. From building robots to conducting experiments, your kids will develop critical thinking skills while having a blast.

Kidcreate Studio

Location: Various arts centers in San Antonio, Texas

Let your child’s creativity soar at Kidcreate Studio! Offering programs in art, music, and drama, this camp is perfect for young artists looking to explore their talents. Whether they’re painting masterpieces, composing melodies, or acting out scenes, your kids will enjoy a summer filled with artistic expression and discovery.


Location: Rocksprings, Texas (near San Antonio)

At Camp Eagle, campers can soar through the sky on zip lines, scale rugged cliffs, explore underground caves, and navigate the rapids of the Nueces River. But it’s not all about the adrenaline; Camp Eagle also focuses on spiritual growth, character development, and building strong community bonds through group activities and bible study sessions.

YMCA Summer Day Camps

Location: Various locations throughout San Antonio, Texas

Embrace a summer filled with growth, friendship, and fun at YMCA Summer Day Camps! With a variety of locations spread across San Antonio, these camps offer a convenient and inclusive environment where kids from 5 to 13 years old can engage in a plethora of activities ranging from sports and swimming to arts and crafts.

Young Chefs Academy

Location: San Antonio, Texas

At Young Chefs Academy, campers will don their chef hats and aprons to dive into a world of flavor and creativity. Each camp session introduces campers to different culinary techniques, cuisines, and themes – from baking basics to international flavors and everything in between. More than just following recipes, kids will learn about kitchen safety, food preparation, and nutrition, fostering a lifelong love for cooking and healthy eating.

So, what’s the takeaway?

Summer in San Antonio doesn’t have to be just about beating the heat; it’s a golden opportunity for your kids to learn, explore, and grow. Whether your child is a budding scientist, an aspiring artist, or an outdoor enthusiast, there’s a camp out there that’s just the right fit. So go ahead, choose your adventure, and watch your little ones make memories that will last a lifetime!

FAQs about Summer Camps in San Antonio:

Q: What ages are these camps suitable for? A: Camps typically cater to children between 6 and 14 years old, but it varies. Always check with the individual camp for their age requirements.

Q: How long do these camps last? A: Duration can vary from one week to several weeks. Some camps offer half-day or full-day options.

Q: Are there any scholarships or discounts available? A: Many camps offer early bird discounts, sibling discounts, or financial aid. Contact the camp directly for more information.